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About Alpha Lotto LTD

A bit of history

Alpha Lotto is a limited liability company registered under the laws of the Republic of Ghana and is principally engaged in lotto/lottery and other games of chance. Alpha Lotto Limited was incorporated on 7th February 1994, under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) as a private limited company and commenced business operation on 17th March 1995 and has its registered office situate at N0. C175/5 Torgbor Link, Kanda, Accra. It also has branch offices in Kumasi and Ho in the Ashanti and Volta Regions respectively. In exercising the powers conferred on it under Section 22 of the Veterans Administration, Ghana Law, 2012, Act 844 the VAG issued our company with a License to conduct and operate a lottery for and on behalf of VAG in 2013. The Alpha Lotto and VAG initiative aimed at raising revenue to support the welfare of service veterans as well as contributing to the development of the country through payment of taxes, employment creation, and corporate social responsibility initiative. However, we are currently licensed by the National Lottery Authority. Pursuant to the grant or issuance of the License, we have operated the 5/90 Fixed Odds Game from Monday through to Sunday. We commenced our business operation with the 5/90 Fixed Odds Game in Ghana. The game allows for 5 numbers to be selected from a set of numbers from 1-90.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence and to be the market leader in private lottery operations using Quality Technology Management as a competitive tool to distinguish itself from its competitors to the benefit of the community.

Our Mission

To exceed the expectations of its players by providing them with a vast range of its products, innovativeness, the application of new technological advances, and quality service.

To generate more funds for socially relevant causes and humanitarian activities by organizing and conducting games of chance in a controlled and socially responsible manner.

To create a motivating working environment as the groundwork for business success by a continuous improvement of working conditions, encouragement of personal growth, and implementation of adequate compensation.

What Are Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Keeping the service promise

We value integrity and seek to attain excellence in the right way. Integrity, honesty, and winning the trust of our clients by keeping our service promise are at the heart of our business.

Honesty & Ethics.

Our high regard for social and ethical norms is manifested through our fulfillment of the commitment towards players, our employees, the licensor, and the social environment.

Social Responsability.

We operate with full social responsibility. We want to meet the expectations of our players, employees, the licensor, and the social environment thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life everybody aims at; especially the Veterans.


Alpha Lotto believes in the enhancement of manpower and also wants to enable the acquisition and the expansion of new know-how, to encourage teamwork, open and effective communication, as well as creativity, all aimed at individual and organizational growth.